Successful stock investing depends upon access to reliable data and information paired with consistent, methodological assessment of that information. Phocas Financial's equity research includes both proprietary, quantitative valuation models and in-depth qualitative analysis of individual stocks.
  • We gather public and published data from databases and other sources.
  • We have access to reliable earnings estimates.
  • We talk with management teams on an ongoing basis.
Qualitative CriteriaQuantitative Criteria
Industry Analyses
Management Team Assessments
Contact with Management Teams
M&A Histories and Prospects
Stock Price Appreciation Catalysts
Balance Sheets
Income Statements
Cash Flows
Ratio Analyses
We analyze each stock from the bottom up, looking at past performance, current prospects and strategy for the future. We seek the management teams and strategies that will deliver the best risk-adjusted returns to their shareholders, while maintaining price and value disciplines.
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