Individual Securities
We may select individual investments in US stocks and bonds. Since 1986, we have been performing the valuation work necessary for investing in these investments, and we perform rigorous fundamental research into each individual security in your portfolio.

One of our strengths is quantitative analysis of corporate financial statements, using sophisticated models to project future cash flows and to value investments. We also thoroughly assess the qualitative aspects critical to a company's success, including management's ability, and the company's competitive landscape.

Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds ("ETFs")
For certain asset classes, including international equities, we believe we can add the most value to our clients' portfolios by finding a strong investment manager that specializes in that area. We seek managers that invest as we do - with a sound, disciplined approach that has been successful over the long-term. Fund selections are made with an eye toward tax efficiency, low turnover, low fees, as well as reduced downside risk. We track these managers quarterly along with their peer groups to watch for any material changes in the investment process and performance.
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