Phocas Financial (named for Saint Phocas, the Gardener)
The Phocas Financial ("Phocas") investment team has successfully managed money for individuals since 1986, and for large institutions, including some of our nations' largest pension funds and banks since 1996. This gives Phocas' individual clients direct access to investment experience and sophistication that is rarely available to individual investors.
Your Objectives and Investment Context
Each of our clients has a unique life situation with their own investment goals, risk tolerance and tax situation. We meet to discuss your life, your objectives and family situation, your values and how your financial needs might change over time. Your resulting portfolio will match your needs, and maximize long-term capital appreciation, while minimizing unnecessary risk and taxes.
Investment Selection and Philosophy
Phocas selects U.S. stocks, including real estate investment trusts ("REITs"), and income securities based on in-depth research and sophisticated analyses of individual companies and the sectors in which they operate.

For other investment types (or "asset classes"), such as international equities, we may select mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds ("ETFs") with managers whose investment discipline meets our standards. We are not seeking home runs, which comes with the risk inherent in swinging for the fences.

Instead, we find funds that have over time had above-average returns. We also select funds that have appropriate fees for the services that they provide. For example, mutual funds that invest in large, well-covered stocks should charge a much lower fee than a fund that invests in emerging markets.

We believe that our disciplined approach, and our emphasis upon fundamental investment value, is optimal to create wealth for our clients in the long term.

Risk Discussion
We understand that most people measure risk not just by overall fluctuations or volatility, but also by the probability of losing money. We minimize business risk by focusing only on those companies with strong balance sheets, solid histories of generating earnings and cash flow, and which are leaders in their industries. We seek to reduce risk by being disciplined about the valuations at which we buy and sell investments. Our models give us reliable indications of the risks of investments we consider. We aim to maximize returns without taking on unwanted risk.
Fees and Transparency
Phocas charges a management fee that is highly competitive. All professions use a lot of jargon as internal shorthand. We try not to subject you to internal references that might be handy for us, but less relevant for you. As part of our belief in full transparency, we try to avoid jargon and speak like normal people.
Is Your Money in the Right Hands?
When we look at a potential client's existing portfolio, we almost invariably see one or more of the following:
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