Phocas Financial believes that a patient, value-oriented approach delivers the best returns with the least risk. We do not attempt to make broad-based "macro" calls on the US economy, interest rates or even specific market segments; nor do we use growth-oriented or momentum-based strategies. Rather, we research and evaluate the fundamentals of individual companies, looking for attractive investment values. We aim to take core, long-term positions with minimal turnover.
We do the rigorous, "bottom-up" research needed to evaluate the intrinsic value of individual companies. Our internally developed valuation tools and research models account for both quantitative and qualitative factors, seeking out the management teams and strategies that will deliver the best risk-adjusted returns to shareholders, while maintaining price and value disciplines.
We don't try to hit home runs. Our goal is to deliver investment returns that exceed our benchmark, after fees, without assuming the risk inherent in swinging for the fences. We believe that our disciplined approach and our emphasis upon fundamental investment value are the best way to create wealth for our clients in the long term.
Why Invest with Phocas?
Patient, value-oriented investment philosophy
Commitment to "bottom-up" research
Disciplined, methodological approach to investment decisions
Superior, personalized service to our clients
55 years of combined investment experience